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About Us

As Soyhan Plastic and Packaging Industries LTD. we are a business with a monthly sales capacity of 450 tons.

We offer products manufactured with the latest technologies to our customers. It has been our business since 1996 to meet the expectations of our customers and to offer alternative products with the support of Developing Technology and Knowledge.

All Flexo-printed Flexible Packaging is in our field of activity. With the developments in polyethylene and polyprooylene raw materials we meet our customer expectations and offer high performance, cost-reducing products manufactured in high technology lines.

With the awareness of the value that the packaging adds to the product, we provide the desired visuality in the packaging with 8 color printing and lamination of the multi-layered film, which is carefully designed.Printed and unprinted packages are offered as 8 different types of bags or as rolls, depending on the place of use.

Main product groups of our company; We supply Frozen Food, Pasta - Legumes Film and Components, Sugar and Salt Film, Carrying Bags,, Wet Wipes Film, Stretch Film, Shrink Film, StretchHood, Pallet Covers, Industrial Bags, Balloon Nylon, Hygiene Group products with and without printing.

Onplast has certified its operations with the permission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, ISO 9001:2015i, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 18001:2007 documents. As required by these systems, hygiene and waste controls, especially in production fields, are implemented and supervised at the highest level. All company personnels have participated in the necessary training programs in this context, and these training programs are repeated at certain intervals.

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