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Pre-Stretched Stretch Films

As Onplast, we offer 7 to 10 micron thickness with different width(400mm, 430mm, 450mm and bobbin for special holding purposes) options. Transversely and longitudinally pre-stretched films offer the most ideal solution for the safe transport of your palletized products. Easier application without applying any extra force.

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✓ Stretch Film is the most budget-friendly solution for packaging.
✓ It can be stretched up to 400% in automatic winding machines.
✓ It helps you to wrap your product safely.
✓ Beside wrapping your products safely, it does not add any additional weight to the products during transportation due to its light form.
✓ It is very economical; provides great benefits from labor and time.
✓ Since it has adhesive surface, there is no need for any additional action on product.
✓ It wraps sharp edges without tearing, it is flexible and strong.
✓ It is recyclable and eco-friendly.
✓ It complies with international standards.
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